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Late Vaidya SOHAN LAL BHARDWAJ who was greatly practiced AYURVEDA on Himalaya’s mountains at Kotkhai village in Himachal Pradesh and is duration of practice is from 1948-1974 and before that he was practicing in Pakistan (Kunjah) and his duration of practice was from 1924-1947. He was our great ancestor are we his great grand childrens- Mr. ANUP BHARDWAJ & AVNISH BHARDWAJ tried to bring his practice forward and on his concept we have launched our Ayurvedic medicines and tries to present it in modern way to match and understand presents life style. This complete set up of NORTH INDIA LIFESCIENCES PVT. LTD is his blessings.
NORTH INDIA LIFE SCIENCES has been set up with the sole idea of catering to the large market with innovative products manufactured strictly under cGMP $ ISO norms.
Our products are carefully planned which will be successful in the turbulent market. We ensure to extend and consolidate our range in line with recent technological advancement and make the product available at competitive price. Our range will cover all the segments like Analgesics & Anti-inflammatory, Nutritional products, Gynaecological, Anti-diabetic, Cardiovascular , Skin and Opthalmic products.
With a vision beyond the existing horizons, the future hold unlimited avenues. We sincerely look forward to venture into high profile therapeutic segment. To fight the challenges we have a planed market strategy. We plan to enter into joint venture with other organizations for business exploration and exports.

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